Is it time to give retail investors a voice in the project?

3 min readMar 27, 2022


Because the code is open and transparent, the only thing that builds confidence in the DAO paradigm is the code itself. Everyone in the group can check. As a result, organizations may foster peer-to-peer communication among members without the need of middlemen.

In the contemporary setting, the way conventional companies work generates numerous significant issues in public perception, such as power abuse, embezzlement, and property manipulation. This causes significant damage to the firm. As a result, many individuals are interested in and researching DAO.

Furthermore, many individuals are interested in and engage in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. DAO looked to assist many people in gaining easy access to effective lucrative investments. DAO can be said to express the desire to be master of one’s own people, to be free of reliance on traditional organizations.

Previously, it was difficult for small investors to gain entry to the project due to information obtained through leaked VCs, the difficulty of looking for IDO or private matches, and the scarcity of slots. Not only that, but they must participate in new duties in order to be chosen. Then, with DAO, participants will have the opportunity to vote and vote. This allows them to have a greater voice in the project without relying too much on the founders.

Not only that, but projects may prevent inflation using the DAO method. As it is, many VCs issue tokens without oversight, leading the project to suffer. Only tiny investors maintain the prospect of a long-term relationship since the duties they perform show that the project always wants to go the long way. However, because they are small-capital investors, they are unable to contact the project directly to express their opinions. Their opinions are sometimes dismissed because “you only spend a little, which implies you have no voice.” But who will support the initiative if they don’t contribute to the long-term community?

DAOs have the distinct benefit of not being decentralized. Everyone is on an equal level. DAO enables everyone, regardless of geography, race, socioeconomic position, or other factors, to interact internationally. The use of blockchain technology provides for equitable access to corporate resources and voting processes. Contracts and rules are performed automatically. The DAO mechanism was created to assist entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in making more responsible decisions.

The DAO’s potential

DAO’s development is now stated to be linked to blockchain and decentralization. Furthermore, in the backdrop of traditional companies documenting many occurrences linked to abuse of authority and asset manipulation, causing significant damage to the whole firm, the DAO model is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. The rest of the world is taking notice.

Governance is a regular use case for project tokens in DeFi alone, the larger the project, the more lucrative this use case is. Almost all of the top projects with the greatest TVL are administered by the community, with choices suggested and voted on by token holders. The DAO paradigm has become a “must have” for the evolution of DeFi protocols.

With DAOs being used in a variety of other industries such as social, service, and so on, the amount of wealth that DAOs contain has enormous development potential.


The DAO is evolving at a rapid rate and garnering more attention, but there is still much work to be done to improve the present DAO. The DAO itself has many intriguing and perplexing characteristics that we need to understand more about in relation to DAO organizations.

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