GloDAO’s Direction in the Wave of DAO

3 min readMay 19, 2022
GloDAO's direction

The difference brings the future to DAO.

The DAO, on the other hand, is undoubtedly the next “major wave” in the crypto industry. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban has also shown interest in DAOs, writing in May, “The future of organizations may be different if DAOs take over heritage enterprises… Entrepreneurs that use DAOs can earn $.”

The recent surge of institutional and mainstream investment in DAOs is also a harbinger of future expansion, as Syndicate, a community-based investment system that streamlines the formation of DAOs, secured a $20 million Series A fundraising round headed by Andreessen Horowitz in August (a16z).

BitShares was the first successful DAO example. It is a virtual e-commerce platform that connects suppliers and buyers without the need for a central authority. At the time, Bitshares was called a decentralized autonomous business (DAC), a term that founder Dan Larimer came up with.

Using the DAO will make everything more transparent and fair for investors. Users have the right to request an explanation of capital allocation, capital usage, and profit production from the project and may actively participate in determining the path for the whole business as their capital contribution. Instead of a group, DAOs are run by a set of rules written in code and enforced by a network of computers running the same software.

GloDAO paves the way for a new approach to resolving market issues.

GloDAO was born, bringing forth solutions to long-standing problems in the market.

GloDAO provides more accurate information about the project, effectively guiding the users in the right direction to make their activities more meaningful. From the proven success of the Learn and Earn and Free and Earn models,

GloDAO is poised to introduce a more breakthrough model with the aim of connecting the 3 dots: “Investors”, “Users”, and the “Project”. This way, the project gets a more loyal and knowledgeable fanbase. A better information flow will also be guaranteed, with the person coming later being supported by the person coming first by allowing access to more detailed project information.

With a predetermined cost, the project side will be guaranteed effective and long-lasting marketing, airdrop, and bounty campaigns. Also, in GloDAO, all users have passed the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, so the project will have a real and high-quality user base.

GloDAO is on its way to forming a publicly open, transparent, and completely decentralized environment. The vast range of users that this can touch includes community members, projects, and KOL partners who can generate even more value and wealth when participating in GloDAO’s ecosystem.

The future of GloDAO

GloDAO has a new and promising direction. In the near future, this decentralized autonomous community is scheduled to establish its first mission to involve the community.

The project’s goal is to build an environment that is open, transparent, and entirely decentralized. Helping users create value in the GloDAO ecosystem, including community members, projects, and community/KOL partners.

If you are interested in learning more in-depth information about the project, you can refer to GloDAO social media channels.

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