GloDAO paves the way for a new approach to resolving market issues

3 min readApr 21, 2022


GloDAO establishes itself as a decentralized autonomous community of users, investors, and partners. This provides an open ecosystem and a fusion of Web3.0 Social Networking, DAO organization, and advertising, all in one place.

Nowadays, market noise with confusing information is rampant, effectively causing the community/users to be disoriented and lost, thus unable to grasp accurate information. The relationship between the investors and the projects they invest in is loose and one-sided. The project team has full control over the operation, features, and next direction of the project without the feedback and suggestions of knowledgeable and loyal users.

Meanwhile, certain projects employing the model of “learn to earn” or “free to earn” have amassed considerable success, such as: Coinbase, DAO Maker, Learn & Earn NEAR, Learn & Earn Binance.

Pain points exist from the investor’s side:

  • There is a serious lack of market knowledge, so investors are unable to grasp the fast-moving rhythm of crypto.
  • The capital flow is not flexible enough, so investments are difficult to transfer between different investors.

Project-related pain points include:

  • No effective marketing plan. For example, airdrop plans that only attract a small group of people, namely one specific group of bounty hunters at a given time. This practice only brings fake numbers into the community. These members hardly interact much after the end of the airdrop period, which fails to achieve the marketing goals of the project.
  • The core message of the project fails to reach the users. Currently, most users don’t get much information from the project. They just buy it without closely monitoring the activities or features of the token of the project they are holding.

Before that situation, GloDAO was born, bringing forth solutions to long-standing problems in the market.

GloDAO provides more accurate information about the project, effectively guiding the users in the right direction to make their activities more meaningful. From the proven success of the Learn and Earn and Free and Earn models,

GloDAO is poised to introduce a more breakthrough model with the aim of connecting the 3 dots: “investors”, “users”, and the “project”. This way, the project gets a more loyal and knowledgeable fanbase. Better information flow will also be guaranteed, with the person coming later being supported by the person coming first by allowing access to more detailed project information.

With a predetermined cost, the project side will be guaranteed effective and long-lasting marketing, airdrop, and bounty campaigns. Besides that, all users in GloDAO have passed KYC, which means the project will have a real and high-quality group of users.

GloDAO is on its way to forming a publicly open, transparent, and completely decentralized environment. The vast range of users that this can touch includes community members, projects, and KOL partners who can generate even more value and wealth when participating in GloDAO’s ecosystem.

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