GloDAO, bringing forth solutions to long-standing problems existing from the investor’s side

2 min readMay 20, 2022

Investors, especially individual investors, want to invest in the project at opportune moments (seed sale, private sale, even public sale with some quality projects). The project must go through a representative to work directly so that their investment is completely in the hands of one or a group of representatives. This situation causes a lack of transparent information, unfairness, which is prone to the issue of the investment being vanished along with the representative person/group.
Ratings for the product user experience of current projects is low. (When projects are at the stage of beta test launching with unfinished versions, when new features are rolling out without a meaningful way of getting user feedback…).

Individual investors are always limited in the number of projects they can invest in, as well as the amount they can invest. Participation in existing launchpad platforms can inherently be passive and dependent. It is largely because these platforms always require users to hold a sizable amount of tokens to be allowed to participate in the project’s token purchase and be sold through the platform. Especially with launchpad platforms operating in the form of Lottery Ticket — Investors must hold a required amount of tokens but cannot guarantee the ability to buy tokens of new projects. Therefore, many investors are limited in their ability to participate.

With GloDAO, you are not just a user or an investor, you are effectively a shareholder and a contributor in all decisions regarding changing or operating GloDAO.
Users/investors can earn money through daily tasks. With GloDAO, you have complete ownership but you are not alone on your path. By your side are thousands of other members who run the business with you.

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