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GloDAO is a Web 3.0 platform that connects potential projects with the community, creating a safe and effective passive income stream for investors with the motto:


Currently we are running an Airdrop campaign with no limit for participants, no conditions are required to participate. And most importantly, there will be rewards for participating.

This means that everyone’s chances of winning a prize totaling up to $50,000 are the same. So, let’s find out how to win attractive rewards for yourself!

  1. Prize Mechanism

$50,000 will be allocated into 3 categories:

❇️Category 1: Top Referral

+ Top 1: $1,200

+ Top 2: $800

+ Top 3: $500

There are also many more prizes to be won, with the total prize pool for category 1 up to $12,100.

❇️️Category 2: Top Active

+ Top 1: $750

+ Top 2: $500

+ Top 3: $300

There are also many more prizes to be won, with the total prize pool for category 2 reaching $27,450.

❇️Category 3: Lucky Member

+ Top 1: $250

+ Top 2: $150

+ Top 3: $100

And many extra prizes, with a total prize of up to $10,450 in category 3.

2. How to join

2.1. Campaign Referral (Top Referral)

The opportunity to receive the reward of the Top Referral category is to refer the campaign to as many people as possible with your referral link.

To get the Referral link, follow these steps:

  • Step 2: Log in to your Twitter account and select My Account
  • Step 3: Copy the Referral Link and invite your friends to join

The 50 people who invite the most friends to participate in the task with their referral link within 1 month of the campaign will win the Top Referral award.

2.2. How to get Top Active rewards

This reward is for the most active users of the missions. Very simple and fast, users only need to spend 1 minute a day to do simple and short missions of GloDAO, which is updated every 24 hours at:

For detailed instructions on how to do the mission, see this video: Tutorial Video

Every day GloDAO will update 2 missions starting from 12:00 AM UTC, Each mission has a prize of 100–200$, evenly distributed among the total number of participants in the day’s mission, and the bounty will be returned to the wallet within 24 hours after the mission ends.

The 200 people who do the most missions after 1 month of the campaign will be selected for the Top Active reward.

2.3. How to win Lucky Member rewards

Even simpler, you only need to participate in at least 1 mission of GloDAO during 1 month of the campaign. We will randomly select 100 luckiest people to receive Lucky Member rewards.

3. Frequently asked questions

3.1. What do I need to prepare to participate in the Airdrop?

Answer: You only need 1 Twitter account created over 3 months and 1 Metamask wallet

3.2. Does it cost me anything to join?

Answer: It does not cost you anything to participate in GloDAO’s Airdrop campaign

3.3. What if I don’t win any of the 3 categories above?

Answer: If you don’t win rewards in the Top 3 categories, it’s okay, you still get rewards from doing mission every day.

3.4. If I win the rewards of the 3 categories above, will I get the rewards from the quest pool?

Answer: Of course yes, because after each time you do a task, we will pay the reward right after 24 hours, and the rewards of the top 3 categories will be selected and awarded at the end of the whole campaign.


Other Airdrop campaigns only select a few lucky people to receive rewards, but with GloDAO, anyone who participates is rewarded. And you can definitely get larger portions if you want.

⏰Time: 12:00 UTC May 4–12:00 UTC June 4

What are you waiting for, let’s hunt the rewards with GloDAO!

✍️ Join our community, and help GloDao reach the final destination!

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