Airdrop Event Winners List

GloDAO is revealed the winners of the three airdrop categories!
Congratulations to all of the members that actively participated in our mission and received fantastic rewards! The following are on the winning list:

Top Referral
- Top 1: trantrang2212 <0x456************7976> — $ 1200 prize
- Top 2: Mrluu_matrix <0xc9f************0E71> — $ 800 prize
- Top 3: heineken1805 <0x3db************34E2> — $ 500 prize
- Top 4–100 list and rewards:

Top Active
- Top 1: buitrun04797100 <0xaa7************8250> — $ 750 prize
- Top 2: na58kt4 <0xBaA************E4DC> — $ 500 prize
- Top 3: Hiu00537205 <0x9C8************3500> — $ 300 prize
- Top 4–1000 list and rewards:

Lucky Member
- Top 1: hunterName <0xFC5************1E11> — $ 250 prize
- Top 2: PerezJasaline <0x133************cd2F> — $ 150 prize
- Top 3: luonchoem <0x645************8349> — $ 100 prize
- Top 4–1000 list and rewards:

Please go to <My Reward> to check your Token balance, Token will be claimed when TGE
Thank you again for your actively participating, and congratulations to the Airdrop program winners.
If your name is not on the list, don’t worry; we have many other highly appealing programs. Keep an eye out for the upcoming GloDAO announcement!




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